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Introduce your audience to a new fantasy game they'll dig and get paid for it

Join DRAFT Partners and Start Earning Cash

How it works

1. Apply

It's free to apply and join and only takes minutes.

2. Advertise

Use our banners, text links, and copy to promote DRAFT.

3. Get Paid

Users that sign up and deposit are worth $25 each.

Payments are sent at the end of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DRAFT Partner?

A DRAFT Partner is any business that wants to promote our fantasy product. We’ll give you all the creative assets and tracking links you need - it’s just on you to get it out there to your audience.

How do I get paid?

We send payments by the 14th of day of each month for the previous month’s commission. We can mail a check or send through Paypal - it’s your call.

Where do other partners promote DRAFT?

Some of our partners run large fantasy sports content websites. Some are social media influencers. Some leverage their email lists. One guy gives hot takes for a podcast recorded in his basement. All viable strategies.

Can I talk to someone?

Yes! We have a team of account managers that want to help our partners succeed. Email us at partners@draft.com to get in touch.

Join DRAFT Partners and Start Earning Cash